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Dr. Schwarzer teaching: Learning how to understand the world and beyond Dr. Norbert Schwarzer as private tutor Get fit in a very special four-week course based on up-to date science and see the world with different eyes afterwards… Give your kids a head start which will last a lifetime! You may also recruit Dr. Schwarzer for your children (age 8 …

Fundamental questions

Here are answers to some most fundamental questions only very few people dare to ask… Hot wo measure the size of a thought? What is the ultimate good? Why created God an extremal universe?

Invest into the Future

Are you interested in sustainable and future oriented research projects? –>  Universal Uncertainty Budget Calculator –>  Fundamental Decision Making Tool –>  Gravity Quantum Computer Learn More  

Trouble-shooting, Problem-solving, Holistic Think-tanking

Fundamental top down approaches  [ref. 170, 171, 231, 248] Neutral idea or innovation analysis & evaluation [ref. „How can we measure the Size of a Thought“, „What is the Ultimate Good“ and “God Created an Extremal Universe! But Why?”] Looking for the deeper wisdom in everything… and may it even be death [ref. 94, 95] Quantum based uncertainty budget calculator …


The following is only a very brief extract from the book „Wordformula“ by Dr. rer. nat. habil. Norbert Schwarzer on To get an idea about the whole book’s content, we left the headlines, a few text pieces and the final chapter. The excerpt shall only give proof to the fact that we indeed have a theoretical approach to quantum …


Why do we need to find a Worldformula? Why to bother at all about such fundamental things? N. Schwarzer, “Worldformula” ISBN: 9781673032567 N. Schwarzer, „The Theory of Everything: Quantum and Relativity is Everywhere – a Fermat Universe“ Pan Stanford Publishing Pte Ltd (2020) ISBN: 9814774472

Who is Dr. Norbert Schwarzer?

Dr. rer. nat. habil. Norbert Schwarzer is a German physicist and author. He was born on January 7, 1966 in Eilenburg, Saxony. He is married since 2004 and has four children. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Norbert Schwarzer is the founder and theoretical head of the Saxonian Institute of Surface Mechanics (SIO), founded in 2005 and based on the German island …