Project No. 1: The new Space-Time of Psychology

Authors: P. Heuer-Schwarzer, N. Schwarzer


Brief Description / Abstract:

A) It obviously is no accident that our notion of psychological aspects is expressible in terms which we usually relate to material science. Obviously, it is not just an association or a metaphorical description when we speak about mental stress and strain, psychological defects, mismatches, dislocations or – rather general – elastic and inelastic deformations. Taking the many forms of cognitive dissonances alone and considering their deforming effects regarding various time and spatial levels and scales, we cannot ignore the striking similarity to the same or mirroring situations in the world of energy and matter.

So we ask:

Is it possible that there is a much deeper connection than this similarity of words and expressions?

Before falling under the suspicion of esoteric waffle, the authors want to point out that – after all – the origin of all our psychological activities is based on the interaction of electromagnetism. Thus, there may well be such a deeper connection, because the evolution of bigger and bigger brains [1] has had its starting point within the same fundamental laws, which are creating, forming and permanently reshaping our matter surrounding. It is therefore most likely that the matter-based interactions, which bring about our psychological self (our feelings, self-awareness, consciousness and our whole cognitive being), are following the same rules. Then, however, it should also be possible to apply these rules to the field of psychology.

B) Assuming the existence of a true “Theory of Everything” [2, 3] one should, of course, be able to extract from this theory all physical interactions, which are effectively creating the complex pattern of a psychological entity. Additionally incorporating what was said under point A, it has to be possible to formulate a psychology in consistent mathematical form (similarly to [4] in classical medicine or [5] in philosophy) and taking its fundamental origin, one might name it a Quantum Gravity Psychology.

C) The new approach should be seen as an essential part of the holistic “Virtual Patient” concept as proposed by Leuenberger [6].

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